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Measuring Marketing ROI

Measuring Marketing ROI in Salesforce If you want to know the return on investment of your marketing efforts and dollars spent, Salesforce is your CRM solution of choice. As a platinum partner with several hundred successful Salesforce implementations we would like to give you 4 useful tips on measuring marketing ROI in Salesforce. 1.

Highlights Salesforce Financial Summit Dubai

Salesforce and Cloud Concept invited leaders of the financial sector to the Salesforce Financial Summit Dubai on 19 October where they learned how Salesforce can help them build personal experiences that are customer rather than product centric. After a rich breakfast Richard McGuiness, Salesforce RVP, lead the keynote describing how financial services providers have been

Dreamforce Experience 2015

My Dreamforce Experience I’m thrilled to share with you a few highlights of this year’s Dreamforce, the flagship event of Salesforce which took place in San Francisco this month. As a Dreamforce first timer, I certainly had high expectations however nothing quite prepared me for the spectacular event that took place. Salesforce pride themselves on

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