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Pardot Integration

How Salesforce & Pardot Go Hand in Hand As shared on our last blog on ‘How Pardot Compliments Your Bottom Line with Salesforce‘, marketing automation works as the middle man that allows any marketer to track prospects as they convert from unknown visitor into known prospect through form submission via your website, placed in nurturing

Sell More with Pardot

How Pardot Compliments Your Bottom Line with Salesforce I’ll start with assuming that you’re a Salesforce user, if you’re not, I would recommend starting with our previous blog. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, chances are you use the platform to manage the bottom of your sales funnel. Your sales team probably

Salesforce Spring 16

‘Spring 16’ is about to be released with over 175 new and improved features. Salesforce has again worked very hard on making you faster and more productive with the #1 customer success platform. You can now take quicker action from your phone, whether you’re online or offline, and get better insights about what your customers

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