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Useful Salesforce Formulas

HANDY SALESFORCE FORMULAS YOU CAN COPY AND PASTE Here are some quick win formulas you can use in any Salesforce org by simply copying and pasting! CONTACT & ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT Birthday This Month Indicator Displays the value “Yes” if the contact’s birthday falls in the current calendar month. IF ( MONTH({!Birthdate}) = MONTH(TODAY()), “Yes”, “”)

Qualtrics, the #1 Insight Platform

Add value to your Salesforce with the # 1 Insight Platform Qualtrics Did you ever wonder what a powerful Insight Platform, integrated with Salesforce could do for your business? We have the answer. It’s a lot. Qualtrics, the world’s leading Insight Platform helps you collect customer, employee and market data, analyze it and act on

New Salesforce Editions

Salesforce, the world’s # 1 CRM, introduced new core Salesforce editions for Sales Cloud and Service Cloud to give customers more customization and configuration capabilities. After careful research, and many conversations with customers, Salesforce launched three new editions featuring its improved Lightning Experience interface at simple and easy to understand price points. Whether you are

Trailhead – The Salesforce Journey

Trailhead: Making Salesforce Journey easier and fun Starting out your Salesforce career or learning new features with every release may seem overwhelming. With three power packed Salesforce releases every year there is always a set of new features to be explored by users. With a huge library of learning resources the possibilities to learn and

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