Steelbrick by Salesforce

Next Generation Quote-to-Cash with Steelbrick by Salesforce How do you create sales quotes? Are you still using word and excel to create quotes and manage pricing? This must very time consuming and error prone. You can make better use of your valuable time by employing the Configure Price Quote (CPQ) app Steelbrick by Salesforce. Steelbrick

Useful Salesforce Formulas

HANDY SALESFORCE FORMULAS YOU CAN COPY AND PASTE Here are some quick win formulas you can use in any Salesforce org by simply copying and pasting! CONTACT & ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT Birthday This Month Indicator Displays the value “Yes” if the contact’s birthday falls in the current calendar month. IF ( MONTH({!Birthdate}) = MONTH(TODAY()), “Yes”, “”)

Qualtrics, the #1 Insight Platform

Add value to your Salesforce with the # 1 Insight Platform Qualtrics Did you ever wonder what a powerful Insight Platform, integrated with Salesforce could do for your business? We have the answer. It’s a lot. Qualtrics, the world’s leading Insight Platform helps you collect customer, employee and market data, analyze it and act on

New Salesforce Editions

Salesforce, the world’s # 1 CRM, introduced new core Salesforce editions for Sales Cloud and Service Cloud to give customers more customization and configuration capabilities. After careful research, and many conversations with customers, Salesforce launched three new editions featuring its improved Lightning Experience interface at simple and easy to understand price points. Whether you are

Trailhead – The Salesforce Journey

Trailhead: Making Salesforce Journey easier and fun Starting out your Salesforce career or learning new features with every release may seem overwhelming. With three power packed Salesforce releases every year there is always a set of new features to be explored by users. With a huge library of learning resources the possibilities to learn and

Leading Brands Use Salesforce

How 10 of the Forbes World’s Most Valuable Brands Use Salesforce The Forbes’ list of the 100 World’s Most Valuable Brands includes brands spanning a broad variety of industries including high tech, media, fashion, and automotive and have been recognized for exceptional delivery of their brand promise. 85 of the world’s 100 most valuable brands

Campaigns for Event Management

How To Use Salesforce Campaigns for Event Management Salesforce Campaigns are a great tool to manage and track marketing programs, such as events. You get a quick overview of the program numbers involved and can easily evaluate the ROI by tracking the cost, pipeline, and closed deals associated with the program. Definition of Campaign The

Salesforce Field Service Lightning

Salesforce introduced Field Service Lightning on March 15th, 2016, a radically new approach to field service for today’s connected world. Being Platinum Partner of Salesforce and offering Salesforce solutions for years now, Cloud Concept works closely with Salesforce customers in the region, and Field Service Lightning is just another step in Salesforce’s evolution. In the

Integrated Solutions with Dell Boomi

Cloud Concept joins forces with Dell Boomi to add value to their clients with Dell Boomi’s Integration Platform. As a Dell Boomi Certified Partner, we are now able to provide implementation services for Dell Boomi’s integration platform as a service (iPaaS), AtomSphere. “We are happy to partner with Dell Boomi and offer our clients an

Tips from Sales Experts

#1 Sales Tips from Sales Experts Modern Customers and business buyers don’t contact suppliers at the beginning of the sales process anymore. They do so when 57% of the purchase process is already complete. The rules of sales have changed dramatically. Only 9% of people stay on a mobile site or app when they’re not

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