Links Insurance Brokers

Links Insurance Brokers - Customer Success StoryLinks Insurance Brokers was founded in anticipation of a growing need for a specialist insurance and risk management partner. Its key strategic objectives include:

  • Genuine understanding of client’s needs and market demand.
  • Utmost transparency & keeping stake holders up-to-date.
  • Dependable service, help building a trusting relations.
  • Consolidated services to the clients.

To achieve their strategic goals, Links considered adopting Salesforce’s Sales and Service Cloud as a CRM tool to be used as a system that would enable their Sales team to work efficiently and Customer Services team to enhance their customer experience and improve service standards.

Major Challenges

Some of the major challenges faced by Links Insurance Brokers included:

  • Lack of visibility on contract renewals causing business loss.
  • No standardization in communication between sales agents and clients.
  • Lack of automated quote generation process.
  • No visibility on service requests.
  • Difficulty in managing the accounts and customer data.

Building a Customer Centric System to Convert More & Service Better

Cloud Concept team proposed Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud solution to address the challenges and enhance customer service experience. Our Salesforce Certified Consultants understood the business process and designed a superior system that would enable them to get a 360 degree view of the customers, service them better and track service standards by having more insights and reporting capabilities.

Solutions Implemented:

  • Automated alerts on policy expiration so Sales can focus on converting more leads.
  • Setting up standard email templates to standardize the communication.
  • Developed custom quote functionality.
  • Configured cases for case management so sales & service teams are up-to-date on client requests.
  • Configured account duplication functionality to avoid confusion & improve service excellence.




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