The Box

The Box - Customer Success StoryThe Box offers complete protection for their clients’ goods both for domestic and commercial purposes. As an added advantage, they offer the flexibility of accessing the stored items at any time through their 24-hour access control log. Its key strategic objectives include:

  • To provide superior customer service to every customer
  • Keeping it simple, safe, fun and sustainable
  • To be globally recognized for customer experiences
  • Pursue growth and change
  • Build open and honest communication

To achieve their strategic goals, The Box considered adopting Salesforce as the tools to be used to develop a sustainable system that would enable them to enhance their internal¬†processes and improve overall customer experience to achieve the goals they’ve set for themselves.

Major Challenges

Some of the major challenges faced by The Box included:

  • No system in place to display caller information to the service agents
  • Lack of integration between the call center system and the database system
  • Lack of customer experience management system
  • Stakeholders lacked easy and rapid access to database
  • No reporting structure to enable top management with actionable data

Cloud Concept team proposed Salesforce App Cloud & Visual Force as the solutions to address the challenges and enhance processes to improve customer experience. Our Salesforce Certified Consultants understood the business process and designed a superior system that would enable them to efficiently manage internal data & processes and track customer buying trends by having more insights and reporting capabilities.

Solutions Implemented:

  • Integration between their call center system and Salesforce
  • Developed the ability to log a call using the custom built quick access links
  • Designed the system to allow them to log emails and view customer history
  • Generated dashboards and reporting module for top management



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