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A Smarter Way to Sell

There’s only so much you can do with a spreadsheet. It may be relevant to routine, day-to-day organizational processes, but try managing an entire international sales strategy using the program and you can easily lose control. Sales teams aren’t easily coordinated and opportunities usually are lost in the process. Just ask Hany Fekry, Chief Commercial Officer at EMP, a member of EMPH Group, offering a highly sophisticated smart card processing environment. Fekry is the first to acknowledge that a dynamic, growing company like EMP needed a new sales automation system—and the company needed it fast.


  • Provided a unified source to view sales situation through a mobile platform
  • Deployed in only four weeks
  • Led to 30 percent increase in cross-selling opportunities
  • Enabled company to create sales reports in one minute, as opposed to three weeks
  • Streamlined and accelerated execution and tracking of marketing campaigns
  • Helped transform company into a social enterprise, integrating Chatter for sales collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Enable staff to continue working remotely during Egyptian civil unrest

“We provide high-quality, premium smart card payment processing services to banks across markets in Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa,” said Hany Fekry, Chief Commercial Officer at EMP. “For many years we relied on spreadsheets and other processes to manage the company’s sales programs. However, customer growth and expansion into countries rendered this manual approach to sales management obsolete. We used to spend more time determining which smart card products customers were using than we did selling them.”

EMP is a keen advocate of cloud computing, moving more and more of the company’s processes, such as emails, to the on demand operating environment; implementing a more cost-effective, low risk technology strategy. EMP also seized a similar opportunity in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM). “We clearly needed to raise the bar in terms of sales management,” explains Eman Fawzy, Sales Account Manager, EMP “The cloud model offers an agile means of deploying a shared CRM platform; one that the entire sales team here in Egypt could use to identify customer opportunities, share knowledge and drive a more rewarding customer experience.”

Leveraging the skills and experience of Cloud Concept

Implementing EMP’s strategy became remarkably more efficient after working with Cloud Concept, one of the Middle East’s most experienced and skilled cloud computing consultancies. “We had already identified salesforce.com as the engine for our CRM strategy. In this regard, Cloud Concept provided a compelling presentation, which proved they had the experience, skills and integration capability to deliver a rapid salesforce.com deployment,” says Fawzy.

Cloud Concept developed and deployed a showcase model of the Sales Cloud system, which provides EMP’s sales team in Egypt with a consolidated, shared view for the situation of every customer. Leads, contact information, opportunities, account history, pipeline forecasts and further data are now available for the entire staff. The data can be accessed by EMP designated staff whether from their desk or through their iPad, iPhone, Blackberry or other mobile devices. Seamless integration with Google Apps also means that EMP’s attached documents; Gmail emails and other critical customer information are all available at a few clicks.

Reflecting the ease of use and pre-built sales processes of the Sales Cloud system, the initial go-live occurred just four weeks after the go-ahead from the EMP board. Moreover, after only three months, the entire sales team was operating through the CRM solution. “The speed of deployment was remarkable, and the credit can be attributed mostly to Cloud Concept,” says Fekry. “Cloud Concept provided EMP with cutting edge services. Their implementation skills, training and ongoing support are of the best quality.”

Thirty percent increase in cross-selling opportunities

The results speak for themselves. EMP is now able to track opportunities as they move through the pipeline, and has achieved a 30 percent increase in cross-selling its products and services, “Sales Cloud is an efficient, fast system that best caters for customers’ needs. Whenever a customer shows interest in one of our products, like the Issuer Processing Service for example, he or she can immediately register this in the Sales Cloud system via their Smartphone. We can then use the existing customer data on EMP’s product portfolio and target them more quickly and easily with a sales proposition around their new chosen payment solution. As such, our cross-selling rates have rocketed since we began using the Sales Cloud system,” said Fekry.

Sales reports in one minute, not three weeks

Productivity of the Cairo headquarters has gone through the roof too. Sales teams used to spend up to three weeks preparing sales reports, especially those critical reports presented to the board. Now it only takes them one minute, because all the information is already there in one unified platform. Moreover, tools and templates in the Sales Cloud system are used to help building, managing, and tracking the large number of emails; inviting prospects to conferences, sending out newsletters and reminding them of forthcoming events. “Everything we do now goes into the Sales Cloud system. The system insures that nothing is missed from our data,” says Fekry.

The company is also steadily turning itself into a social enterprise too. Cloud Concept has helped the EMP sales team in Cairo to integrate Salesforce Chatter to collaborate on deals, share ideas, learn about others’ experiences, and build a like-minded community of committed sales people. Fawzy explains, “Chatter gives every member of the sales team a voice and we’re looking forward to making the social collaboration solution available to the entire EMP staff, during 2012. One of the most popular Chatter forums is a weekly digest of the sales news which goes out to all the sales people.”

The team also acknowledge the role played by salesforce.com during the Egyptian revolution in 2011, which saw a non-violent popular uprising that overthrew the regime of the former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Despite being predominantly peaceful in nature, the revolution was not without violent clashes between security forces and protesters, and led to a period of upheaval for EMP. Fortunately, the sales team was able to continue working remotely, logging into the Sales Cloud system to keep track of business opportunities and make timely decisions—although of course their main attention was on the democratic change taking place in their country.

“I can’t imagine how we ever managed to operate for so many years without salesforce.com,” Fawzy concludes. “Our work is much easier now; the sales process became more sophisticated and efficient; and we are sharing knowledge all the time with Chatter. You could almost say that salesforce.com helped EMP cope with the revolution!”

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