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Selling seems to be more sophisticated than ever, thanks to numerous technological advances. Yet, there is still an opportunity to be creative and unique, but the prevailing sentiment is that an integrated digital tool, like a sales Customer Relationship Management system (CRM), is indispensable. 

In essence, a CRM helps with the customer lifecycle by analyzing, tracking, and auditing the entire process. Lead management and accounts and contact management are the backbones of the system. At the same time, more advanced CRM systems include support calls and notes from sales calls. CRM software would handle and automate each process, leaving the user to focus on closing deals.    

One such solution is which incorporates all of the above-mentioned aspects and much more. Let’s dive into why you should choose monday sales CRM.

Why monday sales CRM?

While can be used for different purposes, let’s focus on how and why to use it as a CRM tool. It is a highly customizable platform that can help users collect and nurture leads through the entire lifecycle. The dashboard offers roughly 50 columns that allow you to have custom customer segmentation and group management approaches. In short, the goal is to give the user complete control and use the intuitive drag-and-drop system to customize each detail. Let’s look at the four main points where monday sales CRM can help you. 

  1.  Automate manual work

As more tasks reach our desks and each one with competing priorities, having a high-quality marketing automation system becomes key. To help you get more work done, automates the work and reduces the element of human error when sorting large swaths of data. Right now, the platform offers over 250,000 human actions to speed up your work. 

  1. Boost team efficiency 

Teamwork makes the dream work, as the adage says, which is quite true as none of us can work in a vacuum. One of the main goals of CRM software should be to enhance collaboration between teams and team members. From the initial log, allows users to join teams and start collaborating and integrating their favorite messaging and video conferencing tools. Furthermore, the timeline view allows users to see who is available and what kind of workload they have to plan better and meet deadlines. With the component of task management, reminders, and comments, following tasks through to their completion is simplified.    

  1. Access everything in one place

A new way of working was the concept behind building, and the platform lives this concept by allowing users to have everything they need in one place. Users can manage projects of varying sizes, oversee work, collaborate, handle HR, work remotely, speed up the creative process, and much more. Having everything in one place with a high level of customization makes the platform truly unique. 

  1. Real-time tracking and reporting 

Data dashboards allow multiple visuals and a level of customization necessary to get the right message across. With more than 20 widgets available, dashboards can be designed as needed, and the data can be pulled from the platform to create time tracking and reporting metrics necessary to better visualize the work that has been performed. 

For more details on why could be the right tool for you and your organization visit the following link.

Let’s now jump into the top three CRM apps for


1. DocuGen

What can be done:

DocuGen is a document-generating tool for, packed with features and customization options. With this app, users will be able to use to manage the entire sales process and to create quotations, proposals, and/or invoices with just one click. Another advantage of the app is that it allows users to pull information from their own boards into the document that they’re creating. 

The automation element comes in the form of the app sending generated documents by email or attaching them directly to File columns or conversation feeds inside 

The app has a 9.1 rating for ease of use and a 9.4 rating for quality of support on G2 Crowd, making it the best document generation app on 

Why to use:   

  • Offers integration with document creation 
  • Offers 100 free documents per month 
  • Has a dedicated support team 
  • Can simplify the administrative work 
  • Offers unlimited users and templates 

Works with:

Integrations – With pre-built integration recipes users can generate documents with a click of a button. Go to integrations at the top of your board and search for DocuGen integrations, click on the integration recipe called “When this button is clicked, generate document using settings from this view.” Additionally, users can use pre-built integration recipes to create documents, for example, when a status is changed or based on date. 

Here you can fill out documents based on a specific view or date. 

Board Views –  Users have the ability to define which data from the boards the app will use to generate documents. Users can use connect boards and mirror columns to create documents from the chosen boards. 

How to install:  

Installation of the app is simple through the marketplace

For more details you can check out the video below. 


2. Op.Sign Digital e-Signature

What can be done:

Op.Sign empowers organizations with digital signing capabilities in order to streamline the process of document creation and approval. It will allow you to send proposals, invoices, documents, to track their progress and trigger automation based on the rules you set up. An additional benefit is that users outside of monday and Op.Sign ecosystem will also be able to sign documents which widens the use case for the app.   

Why to use:

  • It’s easy to set up and has a comprehensive and easy to use how to guide
  • Automates the entire process surrounding documents 
  • Saves time 

Works with:

Integrations – Users can eSign any document on the board using this app. 

How to install: 

The app can be installed by accessing it from the monday apps marketplace, here


3. Funnel

What can be done:

Funnel is an analysis tool for monday that can help users have a more effective sales and marketing funnel, thus increasing their conversion rates. It does this by visualising sales or marketing funnels, offering diagram drawing unction thus enabling easier tracking of which routes most of the leads take from contact to closing.  

More specifically, users will be able to visualize their funnels based on the order of Statuses in the process and visualize the transition of items across Statuses. This will enable an in-depth analysis of the Status transition of individual items. 

With a customizable graph and drag-and-drop functionality, it will be easier to show or hide any status in the workflow.  

Why to use:

  • It can show a percentage of items dropping off at every stage of the process 
  • Allows easy comparison of conversion rates across different lead sources 
  • Visualise how many steps are required to reach a certain status 
  • Helps in identifying bottlenecks in the process

Works with:

Board views – Through this view, users will be able to visualize the sales funnel and journey the items take through the workflow. 

How to install: 

The app can be installed by accessing it from the monday apps marketplace here

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