7 hacks to save your time on monday.com

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Stress and burnout can quickly accumulate when you try to do more with less time. Managing your time properly will increase your happiness, adjust your work-life balance, and help you reach your goals. 

In short, being really good at managing your time will help you work smarter, not harder. With this approach, you can focus on more opportunities and maximize your strengths.   

To be more productive, you will need the right tools and tips on how best to use them to free up your time. With that being said, let’s dive into seven hacks that will help you save time on monday.com. 

1. Automate your boards

Automation can be used at the board level on monday.com, but it can also be used across boards. Automation recipes could help you link information across different boards. These recipes allow one action to trigger an action on a completely different board, thus speeding up your work and saving you the time of going through each one individually.

The first recipe we will look into will allow you to move items across groups, which could help you achieve more work and help your team get better organized. 

To add the recipe, go to the automation store on top of your board. Choose the recipe move item (within a board) that will support your necessary workflow. The recipes have the following paradigm: “when X happens, do Y.” 

This recipe would allow you to automate the archive process across all of your boards. For example, when a task’s status moves to closed, move it to archive. This will ensure the most relevant and active tasks are on your boards and your team is fully focused on delivering value. 

Another helpful recipe that will save you time is the item creation process automation. If you create a recurring monthly task, the “every time period, create an item” recipe could help you automate the tedious job and ensure that human error is no longer an issue. 

2. Integrate external tools

Correspondingly, digital platforms like monday.com thrive on bringing all of your work tools to one place. Integrations allow you to have your customized work hub to streamline your work. Moreover, this process is simple by following predefined integration flows; click on the integration icon on the upper left part of the screen on the board where you want to create an integration. 

Since email is an integral part of online communication, integrating your favorite mail client or provider will save you time from switching across tabs or platforms. Gmail, Outlook, and Mailchimp are great options to add if you use your email often. 

If you’re a software developer or a scrum master, integrating Jira Cloud, Gitlab, Github, or Jira Server will allow you to manage all of your tasks from a central location. In addition, you can lead more productive discussions on builds and even track the deployments and commits your team makes through Gitlab. 

3. Boltswitch 

Complex projects with numerous items usually end up getting bogged down with numerous boards. To help you skip a scrolling marathon, the Quick Search is there to help you easily navigate your boards, dashboards, and workspace. 

To access the quick search, hover over the search bar in the upper left side of the screen and click on the lightning bolt icon. Here you can enter the name of the item or document you are searching for and find it instantaneously. Links offered by quick search can be opened in a new tab by holding the ⌘ Command/Windows key.

4. Batch Actions

Batch actions are the bread and butter for speeding up your work. This approach allows you to edit, move, delete, archive, export, and duplicate items with a single click. Batch actions will allow you to select single or multiple items, depending on what you want to edit. 

Once you select the items, the toolbar at the bottom will show you how many items you selected. From here, you can duplicate items, export files to Excel, archive items, delete items, and move them to another board. Additionally, you will be able to change the column values and apply them across all items. For example, you can easily change item statuses or assignees with just a few easy clicks. 

5. The favorites board

By adding boards to your favorite section, you can have them all in one list for easy access and cut the time needed to find and access them. Adding boards to your favorites is as simple as clicking on the star located at the top of your board. Favorite boards will appear at the top of your Workspace list for streamlined access. 

To organize your favorite section, expand the left panel of your account. From there, you can find the Favorites section under your Workspace dropdown menu. Here you can create folders to organize your boards even further.   

6. My work

If you are looking for one place to see all of the items you worked on, across your entire account, then My Work is the place for you. Instead of jumping across boards and dashboards, My Work brings all of your items to you, saving you the time and stress of going through each board. 

If you’re using the mobile version of monday.com, you can still use My Work to get a one-page overview of your work on the go. As with almost all functions of monday.com, you can customize My Work to meet your needs. 

To quickly access this function, click on the calendar checklist icon in the left panel. It will show all tasks assigned to you across your account. Note that you will have to have a People Column and the items assigned to you if you want them to show up in My Work. All of the items there will be formatted in a similar way to how you see them across your boards. 

Keep in mind that there is a limit of 50 boards and 1000 items that My Work can house. A pop-up notification will warn you once you reach the limit. In a sense, this will help you practice good task hygiene across your boards. 

7. Search everything 

Another time hack on monday.com starts by clicking the magnifying glass icon above your profile picture on the left pane. With this, you will open up the Search Everything function, the greatest search tool, on monday. 

As the name implies, you can search for anything across all of your boards. For example, search for their name to check a colleague’s workload quickly. If you want to check your tasks for this week, search for items assigned to you and filter them by date. 

Once you have performed your search and obtained the necessary results, you can export them to Excel. Simply click on the cogwheel and choose the option “Export to Excel”.

Keep in mind that you can only see data from Main Boards or Private/Shareable boards that you are subscribed to. Administrators will be able to access most of the boards, but they will have to be subscribed to private boards in order to see them. 

Finally, another tip that can speed you up even more is saving a search for future use by clicking on the Save button after you have entered your search. 


On the whole, being productive and good at managing your own time comes down to the processes you put in place surrounding your work and private life. With the above seven hacks, you can speed up your work on monday.com platform and shave off precious minutes from repetitive tasks. 

When you become more productive, the extra time you save can be spent focusing on other high-value tasks or simply taking a moment to enjoy a breather or focus on your own well-being. In the long run, this will pay dividends for both you and your work. 

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