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Anna Zielazny
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Anna Zielazny

To make any project become reality, you need good communication between everyone who works on it. From sharing ideas and brainstorming, through seeking help, to polishing the last bits of the job, a team has to communicate to reach a common goal in a smooth and timely manner. On monday.com, you have many ways to communicate with your colleagues to make work as smooth as possible. Read on to discover five of them.


1. Communicate through the updates section

The Updates Section is an easy way to communicate with your team. It is an intuitive, social media-style method. Using this technique, you can keep conversations and discussions on a specific project or task in one place. No one will miss out on the context, as everything is straightforward. 




You can mention a person or a team (if you created a team(s) in your account). Thanks to that, you can be sure that the right person sees your update quickly. When you mention a member of a team, a notification will pop up on their account as a notification bell. Collaborators can also receive an email about the notification.

Mentioning people on monday.com is very simple. Click the  “@ Mention” button or simply type @ on your keyboard. After that, you can select a team member or a team from the drop-down menu. If you have a big team and don’t want to waste time scrolling through the list, start typing the person’s name after the @ sign and choose the right person more quickly. 



GIFs and Thumbs Up 

To make communication quicker and more fun, your team members can respond to your mention with emojis, files, or further mentions. They can also simply give your update a thumbs up. Use GIF responses to get more attention. You can even copy and paste images from the clipboard. 

Not sure if everyone saw your update? Hover your mouse over the eye icon under your message to see the people that read your update. 



Formatting text 

If you want your text to get more attention, you can use colors or even special effects, such as bolding, strikethrough, or underline. 


Reply with a file 

Click the “add files” button to upload documents from your computer, Google Drive, Box.com, or Dropbox. You can add a message to give it context or even mention the person or team who has to notice it!



Update reminder 

If you don’t have time to create an update or reply to a mention at the moment, don’t worry. You can set up a notification to remind you about it later on. Click on the bell icon, which you can find at the top right of an update. After that, you can select the time when you want to be reminded. When the time comes, you will receive the bell notification. This way, you can stay on track and communicate smoothly with your team, even on the busiest days. 



Pin an update

Do you have one particular update that everyone has to see? Pin it to the top so no one misses it, even when the discussion board is on fire. Once you pin the message, it will stay at the top. Click the arrow at the top right corner and click the “Pin to top” option. 


Bookmark update 

If you don’t want to lose that one important post in the flood of other mentions, messages, and others, you can bookmark it. This way, you can check it as often as you like without the need to waste time searching for it. Click the arrow in the top right corner and click on “Bookmark”. Your bookmarked posts can be found in your Inbox. 



2. Using status column notes

Upgrade communication with your team members using the Status Column. If you want to comment on a specific Status, you just need to click on the + button in the top right corner of a status box. 

The Status Update will also appear in the item’s Updates section!



3.Comment on the File Column

You can communicate with your team by commenting on an uploaded file. It’s possible thanks to the annotation feature. You don’t have to download the file or even open it in order to discuss what’s to be done or corrected. Using the annotation feature, you can make comments, tag people, and talk with them directly within the file in your File Column or Files Gallery. 


Adding an annotation to your file is super simple: 

  • Click on a file from the File Column or the Files Gallery. 
  • Click on “Comment” (the speech bubble icon).
  • Select where you would like to leave a comment. 
  • Comment and click “Update”.

If you tag people using @, they will be notified in the bell notifications. 


4. Communicate by adding a general group or item at the top of your board just for discussions

If you need to talk with your team members about something more general, not a particular project, you can do it in multiple ways. monday.com wants communication to be as easy and smooth as possible with everything to be found in a central hub. 

Create a group named “General” at the top of your boards. Use it as a place to post important updates, general guidelines, comments, and everything else that you need to talk about with your team. 

Add an update to any of the items of the “General” group to discuss various ideas and concepts. Keep it in one place and benefit from having it in the context of the relevant boards. 


5. Set different Notifications

Improve your communication thanks to different notifications. On monday.com, you have a few types of notifications. Thanks to them, everyone in the team can keep up and no project or items fall behind or get forgotten. Reduce your work with automated notifications. Check all your options below!



Bell notification 

Whenever a person needs to know about something, they are notified by bell notifications. That includes situations when you assign them an item, tag them in an update, reply to one, subscribe them to items, and much more. 


Email notifications

By default, your team members will get email notifications. This type of notification works the same way as the bell notification, but instead of informing people on monday.com, the message goes straight to their mailbox. 


Slack integrations 

You can integrate your monday.com with Slack. This way you can quickly send notifications to your team. Thanks to this integration, you can be sure that all important information will reach the right person, because monday.com will automatically communicate everything new to your team members. 


Automated notifications

To expand, customize, and automate your notifications, you can use monday.com’s pre-set notification automation recipes. You can use them or even customize your own recipe that best suits your needs. 


Set them up to automatically communicate the progress on an item or project and prevent your team members from forgetting or missing an important update. 



Communication is key, especially in the workplace. However, different people and workplaces need different ways of passing information. Thanks to the rich offer of monday.com, you can find a channel and style that best fits your company and team needs. 

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