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Keeping everything on track can sometimes be challenging. However, while working on a project, you need to be sure to meet all deadlines to make smooth and steady progress. knows how important it is, and this is why you can set up various reminders that will help you to always be on time with your tasks. Keep reading to discover various ways of setting reminders on

Alerts and Reminders with Automations 

Automation makes it much easier to remember about your work. If you want to be automatically reminded about approaching or past tasks, is your place. Schedule an automation based on a timeline or date column to enjoy these features. 

You can set up the due date reminder directly from the date/timeline column menu or from your automation center. 


Automation Center Reminders

If you go to the automation center, you will notice a lot of automation recipes in the “Due Dates” tab. 

Set up “When” parameter to: 

  1. Send reminders exactly when the date arrives. 
  2. Sending alerts when a date has passed (at midnight after the due date). 
  3. Schedule the automation to run at the relative time. knows how important customization is and this is why you can set up your own alert automations. It’s a great feature if you’re using a timeline column and wish to receive an alert for the start date. 



Column Menu Reminders 

The second way to add your reminders is from your date or timeline column. Discover how to do it below. 


If the date column isn’t set-up as a deadline

Open the column using the drop-down arrow and select “Add/Edit Date Reminders”. You will see “When the date arrives, notify someone.” The column that you choose will be filled automatically. Choose when you want the notification to be sent and the people you want to notify. 


If the date column is set up as a deadline mode

If you connect your date or timeline column with a status column in Deadline Mode (read more below), you will have different steps to follow. Navigate to your column menu and choose “Set Due Date Reminders”. After that you will see the recipe: “When the date arrives and status isn’t something, notify someone“.  Define the when field and mark who should be notified. 


Deadline Mode 

With this feature, you will never miss a deadline. It gives you the possibility to connect your Date or Timeline column with the Status Column. This way, you can see all deadlines on your board in a clear way.  


How to Enable Deadline Mode 

On your board, you have to connect a Date or Timeline Column with a Status Column. That means that to be able to turn on the Deadline Mode, you have to have the following columns on your boards: 

  • A Date OR a Timeline Column 
  • Minimum one Status Column
  • People Column (optional)

Click into the column menu of the column you want to set in Deadline Mode. Then select “Setting” and “Set as a Deadline”. 



After that, the option to connect the Date or Timeline Column with a Status and (if applicable) People Column. Use the arrow to see the drop-down menu and select from all of the Status and People columns in your board. All ready? Click “Connect Columns”. 

After that you will see connected columns and symbols next to the date. 

All the items due today will be marked with a circle filled with gray color, due tomorrow with a ¾ filled circle, overdue marked with a red circle and an exclamation mark, and all items that were done before the deadline will be marked with a green circle and check mark. 



If you choose the Timeline Column, you will notice bars that will fill up as the end date approaches. When you mark it as “Done”, it will fill completely with green color. 


Mark status labels as “Done”

If you want to change the label status to “Done”, click on the three dots menu on your Status Column, then go to “Settings” and choose “Customize Status Column”. Click on the color you want to apply to the realized items. 


Add a time to your deadlines

Sometimes precision is the key to success. If you want to make your deadline time very accurate, add a time to the Date Column. Use the calendar dropdown and click the “Add Time” button, then insert the time you want to set a deadline to. 



Improve Your Work with a Deadline Mode 

Deadline Mode is a great feature to use with “My Work”. “My Work” feature can be found on the left side of your It helps you to see all the items you have to do in one place. The display is in chronological order, thanks to which you can always stay on top of all your tasks. 


Sync with your Google and Outlook calendar 

Did you already organize your workflow on Fantastic! Now is the time to think about the meetings and tasks from your calendars such as Outlook and Google. When you have everything in one place, it’s much easier to follow your workflow. You can sync your account with both of them, so the items and tasks will appear on your external calendars. This way you will be even more sure that nothing will slip from your attention. 

Both calendars can be synced in two ways: 

  • One way sync – the dates from your board will appear on your calendar
  • Two way sync – the dates from your Google/Outlook Calendar will appear on your account and the other way around. 

Of course, you can remove your calendar integration at any time with simple steps. 

Some things you should remember:

  1. To use the Outlook integration, you must have a Microsoft 365 Business Premium license
  2. This integration only works if you have a Microsoft online exchange inbox.
  3. Automatic refresh of the Outlook calendar can take more than 24 hours. This means that to sync your board with your data in the calendar might take a full day or more. At the moment, you cannot control the frequency of sync, as it is the setting on Microsoft’s end. 

Interested in syncing your calendars with Click here to read an article on how to sync your Google Calendar, and here to read about Outlook calendar integration. 


Update Reminders 

On, you can set up automatic update reminders. If you don’t have time at a particular moment, but want to stay on top of your work, you can set up a notification that will remind you about your request later on. 

Just click on the bell icon that will appear next to any update, and then choose at what time you would like to get another reminder. Right when the time is up, you will receive a notification. This way you won’t miss any deadlines. 



Inbox Reminders 

You can set up reminders in your inbox. Open it using the icon on the left side. Click the bell icon next to the task and choose one of the pre-set timings to snooze the notification until you have more time to work on it. 

The pre-set options allow you to postpone the reminder for: 

  • 20 minutes, 
  • 1 hour, 
  • 3 hours, 
  • Till the next day, 
  • Till the next week.




Fill your head with creative ideas, not with a complicated and long to-do list. has your back and will assist you with remembering everyday tasks with different reminder options. With so many various options, you can be sure that nothing will be forgotten and that you will get your projects ready on time. 

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